Final Exam

GVSU Statues & Icons


World Kin — Richard E. Paschke 

This statue can be found in Devos on Grand Valleys downtown campus. This sculpture symbolizes common themes and relationships between the earliest known graphic images produced by our ancestors.



This sculpture reminds me of a human heart. There was no plate, but it can be found on the downtown campus of Grand Valley.


Grand Rapids is home of Art Prize, so you’re bound to find art all throughout the city. This vast mural can be found under the overpass on Grand Valleys downtown campus. You have to strike a sweet pose, it’s the law.


This beautiful fountain can be found on Grand Valleys downtown campus in front of the Devos building. It’s part of the Lacks International Plaza, and is a nice spot to sit and eat your lunch between classes.


Culture Memes


Quidditching Meme

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Hadouken Meme

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Vadering Meme

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Tiptoe Through GVSU

GV when it’s abandoned is scary >,<

Organ Sculpture Makes a Second Appearance

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I don’t know why, I just really like this sculpture. From different angles it always looks like something else. But mostly, it looks like an organ. I’ve always enjoyed sculptures that are never very clear as to what they are, it leaves it up to the audience to interpret what it is to them in their own way.

GVSU Annual Report

More than 15,200 donors helped the Grand Valley University Foundation raise $13.3 million this year. That’s a lot. All of this money helps run Grand Valley, as well as give out scholarships. Grand Valley added 48 new donor-funded scholarships this year–bring the total to 450. Whoa. 


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Favorite Meme

I know there are your traditional memes — think Bad Luck Brian — but my favorite memes right now are the ones people drop the day after Game of Thrones airs. Twitter is a marvelous thing, as long as it’s kept out of certain peoples hands. *cough* Trump. *cough*

These images were all screenshot from Twitter accounts.