Technology in Careers

Company:  Hatchette Book Group

Skills: Proficiency in Word, Excel, Photoshop, PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat, fluent in video editing technology and social media

Over the past 6 months I have been teaching myself how to use Adobe Photoshop. However, I still have a lot I need to learn basic wise. The only video editing I’ve done have been in iMovie for short videos I made for class. I don’t have proficiency in video editing technology and would have to take a workshop or teach myself.

Company: Brookes Publishing

Skills: Intermediate Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite of programs; Design skills a plus

I can find my way around Microsoft Suite programs, but Excel is probably the one I would need to work on a lot. I have minimal design skills, but have great Adobe InDesign skills and if I have the actual design products, I can put them together into flyers, brochures, or a book.

Company: Element Media

Skills: Understands social media universe including Facebook, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg, Reddit, Flickr, Forums, Twitter, Wikis, blogs, etc. Must have experience working in Mac environment with excellent computer skills including proficiency in Excel, Word. Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite is a plus.

I’ve never heard of Delicious, or know how Digg works. I would have to do some research on those sites and create my own accounts to understand how they fully work.

Company: Penguin Random House

Skills: Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. Experience with social media platforms (ex. Facebook, Twitter, HootSuite, WordPress) is preferred

I would have to watch tutorials on how to use Excel and Outlook, as I’ve never used Outlook. Hopefully by the end of this semester I have a better knowledge of WordPress. I don’t know what HootSuite is so I would have to do some research into that social media platform and use it for awhile.

Company: Penguin Random House

Skills: Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. Familiarity with FileMaker Pro, InMotion, and/or SAP a plus

Again, I would have to research Excel and Outlook. I don’t have experience with FileMaker Pro or InMotion. I’ve used SAP, but I would have to use FileMaker Pro and InMotion to understand the differences between each. Or watch and tutorials of the programs.

Company: MacMillan*C43547FFB3E29B4D

Skills: High level of familiarity using Social Studio or similar social media scheduling and monitoring tools. Proficiency in Google Analytics

I haven’t used Social Studio and only used Google Analytics a little. I would have to use these two programs before applying for this job. I believe when I’m done with school I will have a better knowledge or these programs so I would be able to apply for this job if I wished.

Company: Beacon Publishing*8B5CA5FC37DB67C7

Skills: Experience with email marketing software such as MailChimp or Constant Contact .Highly proficient with Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

I haven’t used an email marketing software before so I would have to watch tutorials and research how these programs work. Again, I would have to touch up my Microsoft Office skills.

Company: Penguin Random House

Skills:  Proficient with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Adobe Photoshop and InDesign skills a plus

I know how to use Photoshop and InDesign but would have to continue learning to be proficient. I understand the basics, but still have to watch tutorials.

Company: Penguin Random House

Skills:  Knowledge of PowerPoint, Nielsen Bookscan, and other company-wide systems, strongly preferred. Proficiency with Microsoft Word & Outlook

No idea what Nielsen Bookscan is and would have to look into that system as well as others like it. Same goes for Outlook, I haven’t used it before and wouldn’t know where to begin so I would have to watch tutorials for it.

Company: Haymarket

Skills: Experience using for pipeline and order management a plus. Strong emphasis and deep understanding of MS Excel a must

I don’t have experience using so I would have to familiarize myself with is and then explain to the employer that I know how it works and what to do with it even though I haven’t used it before in a working environment.


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