Even after this semester I still stand by my initial thoughts on Public Relations. Though it's easier to explain now than it was then, Public Relations is about Public Relations. And it's about the relationships; without those PR wouldn't exists and companies would fail to succeed, because if the public doesn't like you or your company, you… Continue reading Reflections


PR ROI You Should be Measuring

How much money is one perfectly-timed tweet worth? Today, everyone is socially connected in some way, making PR more important now than ever. Your customers and clients are looking up your business online, reading reviews, tweeting about products, and crowdsourcing their experience with your brand It's one thing to create a PR campaign and hope… Continue reading PR ROI You Should be Measuring

How to Not Handle a PR Crisis: United Airlines Edition

If you work in public relations or marketing, you've probably seen this model before. It's the four phases of the conflict management life cycle, and numerous techniques that public relations people use to deal with conflict. Unfortunately, United Airlines PR staff must have opted to ignore this model and try to deal with things their… Continue reading How to Not Handle a PR Crisis: United Airlines Edition

4 Ways Research is Important in Public Relations

You know those dreadful research papers you had to write every semester in college? Well I have some bad news for you, it doesn't end. If you work in PR or plan on working in the PR world, unfortunately, you will be conducting research for the rest of your career. It’s crucial to understand your client’s… Continue reading 4 Ways Research is Important in Public Relations